Staff Children Concession

We provide concession for children of staff, which is applicable only to teachers, admin staff, deputy leaders, Principal and all of the corporate staff, dependeing on the tenure of the staff.

Salary Advance

In case of personal emergency, un forseen situations, salary advance up to a month can be provided to an employee

Higher Education

As an institution, we aim at setting the highest benchmark, so others can also follow. In this regard, by channelizing and stimulating intellectual impetuses. We encourage our employees an oppurtunity to study and explore further. We support with courses like B.Ed, a further catalyst for their innate passion.

Referral Bonus

As per policy, we give referral incentives, for referring eligible teaching candidates for the open positions @ Branches.

Leave Benefits

Additional leaves would be given for own marriage or if there is a death in the family.

Free Mental Health Counselling

We have a 24/7 "Counselling Helpline" for all the staff, with utmost anonymity. For the staff with mental health issues, including depression, anxiety etc.

Performance Appraisal

On the basis of feedback taken from multiple quarters, on aspects like performance and work ethhics, and also after a thorough evaluation we would process increments. As we believe in the theory that a healthy environment is the basic pre-requisite for work efficiency, we encourage and applaud better work performance.


We have a reimbursement policy, applying to all expenses (encompassing travel, accommodation and food), with respect to an employee delivering his/her services,it is clear that the cost shouldn't go beyound a specified,reasonable limit

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.

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